The only KITE JUNIOR PROGRAM in Western Australia

The junior program is designed to be fun and teach kids from basic kite flying skills to their first jumps. Our special program is the first and only complex training program for water sport addicted grommets in Australia.

To make this program complete, we offer next to weekly kitesurfing training session in our top flat water spots also fitness session with a professional physio and sports therapist. As we know how important the right development of kids training water sports is, we are happy to offer special nutrition consulting as well.

Not only kitesurfing, but also training at the wakepark, with the SUP and fitness sessions are part of the program, as well as specialty clinics and activities.

The first dedicated KIDS KITE TEAM in Western Australia

SEABREEZE KITESURF SCHOOL has created the first dedicated kids kite team in Western Australia. We offer a weekly training program dedicated to young riders.

Our goal is to make kids learn quickly and well. We use high quality equipment, professional and qualified instructors, and above all a great passion and professionalism. Seabreeze Kitesurf School also provides the opportunity for junior riders to meet new friends and share this amazing sport, while also being part of a program to become a Pro Rider.

The kids program is designed to be fun and teach the kids the basic kite flying skills. Sharing these skills with young kids helps prepare them of wind powered sports as they grow, and master the necessary skills. Kids are special, and they are fast learners. We have lots of experience teaching kite flying to young children. Our instructors have specialty training to prepare them for our kids program. We have specialty clinics, and activities, and mixed family sessions. Siblings, friends and families can learn together as a fun group activity.

What We Offer

Weekly training sessions, with emphasis on kiting, along with stretching, fitness and nutrition

Clinics focusing on different disciplines: freestyle, wave and foil

Events – we will host a state wide league for juniors whereby once a month juniors from around the state have the chance to compete in different locations in Perth and wider WA

Major events – we support the Seabreeze Junior Team to compete in the Freestyle Nationals, the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton and the Lancelin Ocean Classic and the Mid West Wind Fest


The first dedicated kids kite team in Western Australia (WA)! We are proud to present our team riders, who are training together to prepare for several competitions in Western Australia and beyond. One of our teamriders already won several Freestyle and Wavestyle competitions.

seabreese kids kite surfing team
Junior Kite Team - Ben

I was born in Switzerland in 2010 and moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in 2014. Of course I like all kinds of watersports, with kitesurfing on top of my list. I started windsurfing at the age of 6 and got my hand on a kitebar at the age of 8. Off the water I enjoy trampolining, skateboarding and biking.

Junior Kite Team - Ruben

Born in 2008 in Dubai and moved to Australia in 2011. My homespot is Mullaloo Beach. Beside my dad my biggest inspiration are professional riders like Jessi Richman, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobson. When I’m not kiting I’m thinking of kiting.

Junior Kite Team - Zac

I was born in 2004 in Port Elizabeth South Africa, started to kite 2019 and fell in love with this amazing sport. Kiteboarding also keeps me fit. I mainly train myself in the Swan River at Melville, Perth with the team of Seabreeze Kitesurf School.

Kids Kite Freestyle

Born in 2004 in Geraldton, Western Australia, where I still live and train. I started kiting when I was 12 years old and fell in love with the wind, the waves and the ocean. Thanks to the support of Seabreeze, I learned a lot about new Freestyle tricks and started to take part on several Competitions in the age of 14.

Supporting young rider

SEABREEZE KITESURF SCHOOL is supporting young talents to become a Pro Rider.

We are supporting young kiteboarder with top gear of our partner “Eleveight”, merchandise and team wear of “Eleveight” and “Shaped By The Sea”, contest preparation and support and tips and tricks for competitions.

Photo above:

Rhys Cheshy

on Eleveight XS, Eleveight CS V4 Vary Bar and Eleveight Master Kiteboard V3


Our Kids SUP program is designed to teach kids Stand Up Paddle Boarding, water safety & environmental education. We know what it’s like to fall in love with being in the ocean. And we know that, with a passion for SUP comes a responsibility to take care of our environment. Our vision is to create experiences for our SUP Kids that will enhance their appreciation, respect & understanding for sustainable living.

We use games, drills & SUP activities to ensure that our SUP Kids walk away with vital water safety skills that will stay with them for life. We’ve taken environmental education out of the classroom, to the great outdoors, where we think it belongs.


TEAM BUILDING on the water

Looking to enhance your employees’ synergy? We are happy to offer many water sport activities as great team building ideas in Perth.

Employees often spend several hours a day seated at their desks, and it can be challenging to incorporate exercise when faced with a hectic schedule. Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle have a negative impact on mood, work performance, and long-term health.

Our Team Building program is specifically tailored for employees. We offer a variety of water sports activities, such as Stand Up Paddle Board tours, fitness, yoga and kitesurfing lessons. Aside from physical fitness, we have also factored in a stress-reduction component, which includes floating meditation and sound healing on the ocean.

Adapted Kitesurfing

– Kitesurfing without limits –

In recent years, kitesurfing has been become increasingly more popular, and people with disabilities are gaining more convenient access to the sport. But with more disabled people going kitesurfing, there is a need to put in more effort. So we have to invest in specialized training and better equipment for them. Being able to go kitesurfing is rewarding for anyone who goes through a significant change in their lives. That’s why we are happy about our new project “Adapted Kitesurfing“.

No limits – Revolution for sit kitesurfers

Until today, kitesurfing is still seen as an extreme sport. About a decade ago this was still true to a certain degree. Especially concerning safety, the kite gear back then was not well developed.

With its fame as extreme sport, it’s not really surprising that there hasn’t been a run on adapted kitesurfing yet. Even though there will always be the human factor, the risks as well as the difficulty of kitesurfing have decreased dramatically. And thats thanks to constant development of the gear.

Adaptive Watersport Perth

Special formation – Instructor training in Spain and Italy

Andrea went to Tenerife in June 2019 to assist Nico during the IKO Instructor course to become the first sit kitesurf instructor. At the same time he developed together with IKO examiner Max Piona a program to teach people with disabilities. Together they found out more about teaching methods and difficulties for seated kiteboarders and developed a special program for them.

After the course at Tenerife Andrea went in July 2019 close to his hometown at Lake Garda to practice adapted kitesurfing lessons. The idea was to keep on developing the program, find out more about the right assistance for sit kiteboarders in the water, about the boat service to guarantee safety and the possible risks of sit kiteboarding.

Furthermore he was curious to get knowledge about how to teach surfers on a sit kiteboard with the right teaching methods. To see the happiness and enthusiasm of his students makes him go forward to realize his dream of teaching sit kiteboarders.

Adapted Kitesurfing
Adapted Kitesurfing


The ocean is our playground – so we see it as our responsibility to keep the water and beaches clean. Help us to stop pollution and join us at our ocean clean ups around Rockingham and Swan River clean ups around Melville.