Seabreeze Kitesurf School

Kiteboarding lessons in Perth

Seabreeze Kitesurfing School is a Kiteboarding Australia affiliated kitesurfing school, offering kite lessons in Perth, Western Australia. We operate on the Swan River and at Safety Bay, offering lessons for beginner and advanced riders.

Our season goes from September to April, with warm waters and perfect windy days.

Our Course System

1st Step: Gear setup | Wind window knowledge | Spot introduction | Use of safety systems | Self rescue

2nd Step: Kite control | Different positions of the kite in the wind window | Relaunch kite from the water | Body dragging downwind & crosswind

3rd Step:  Water start | Power dive practice | Riding with the board downwind

4th Step: Ride upwind | Position of your body on the board | Kite handling | Riding safe and independent in all directions

Our School

All our instructors are internationally accredited and have many years of teaching experience. Thanks to our international team we are proud to offer kite lessons in several different languages. Our best ability is to teach with fun, passion and with a big smile on our faces.

Learn kiteboarding from our experienced and certified instructors and share their passion for this amazing water sport.

We provide the latest kitesurf gear for your kite lesson. You will find brand new boards & kites by the best kite brands. To maximize your kite experience, we only provide equipment of the latest design and best quality by renewing our inventory every season. All lessons include a harness, wetsuit, life jacket and helmet.

Your safety is the most important for us. All our courses follow Kiteboarding Australia teaching standards. To further improve the learning experience, we provide all our students with radio helmets.

Depending on the wind direction, we offer kite lessons in two different spots and operate in different locations in Perth: at Melville Beach Road, Applecross and Point Walter, Bicton on the Swan River.

We also operate at the most popular kitesurfing spot of Western Australia: Safety Bay. 

We are open every day – just give us a call or send us email and we will arrange your lesson for you.

Kiteboarding Australia

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SEABREEZE KITESURF SCHOOL is teaching kitesurfing in two of the best locations for kite lessons in the Perth area: the Swan River and Safety Bay.

The Swan River:

The Swan River is a world class location and ideal place to learn kitesurfing – with shallow, flat water, no waves, no swell and no currents. It provides a significantly better learning experience than in the ocean.

Thanks to good wind and a steady wind direction you can get fast kite control skills by standing in the waist deep water. This makes it really safe and easier to learn, than in a deep water spot.

The Swan River is considered one of the most famous teaching locations for kite lessons in Perth, Western Australia. Plus it is so close to the city that you can easily reach our spot.

Close to the small beach we have shallow water, which makes it safe and easy to learn the kite control. When it comes to body drag we are lucky to find deep water further out on the river.

Thanks to the everyday perfect cross onshore wind also the water start and riding lessons can be done without any problems. That’s the reason why the Swan River is one of the best and safest places to learn and to make a faster progress than in the open sea.

On weekends you can meet some other passionate riders in the water, but thanks to our separated school zone, which gives us enough space to teach, you will feel safe and comfortable.

Depending on the wind direction, we also provide kitesurfing lessons at Point Walter, Bicton on the Swan River to guarantee you always the best conditions.


Safety Bay:

Safety Bay is a special spot offering ideal freestyle conditions that attract some of the world’s best kiters in the world to train here. The setup provides consistent onshore winds that blow perpendicular to a long sandy finger in effect creating a broad tack of perfectly flat water. The bay is relatively shallow, and the downwind side has a sandy bottom. Not only do these characteristics make it the spot for pro’s and aspiring pros to train, but it also makes it a great place to progress no matter what level you are at.

Wind Conditions

Perfect conditions for Beginners and Pro’s

Kitesurfing Swan River

Perfect conditions for kitesurfer of all level: from beginners to advanced kite surfers.

The advantageous locations of the Swan River close to the sea and Safety Bay guarantee great wind conditions for all levels. Thanks to the steady south west cross onshore wind direction, Melville Beach and Safety Bay are two of the safest spots in WA.

Almost every day, a strong seabreeze presents exciting conditions for all riders. If the direction turns to easterly we offer lessons at Point Walter, which is ideally suited for that kind of direction. The wind blows usually with a strength of 15 to 25 knots – perfect for all levels.

For up-to-date weather forecasts please check out the following websites:

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Our Team

Kiteinstructor Team

All our instructors are internationally accredited and have many years of worldwide teaching experiences. Thanks to our international team we are able to offer lessons in four different languages. But of course our best quality is to teach with fun, passion and with a big smile on our faces.

Our Instructors 2019/2020



Kitesurfing Instructor

Instructor since 10 years

I was born in the northern part of Italy, near Garda Lake, a very famous spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing, have always been a keen kite surfer and first started kitesurfing ten years ago.

Because of my passion for kiteboarding I made the decision to come to Australia in 2009. I achieved my instructor qualification and since then I enjoy to make myself available to teach this wonderful sport.

Andrea started Seabreeze Kitesurfing School together with Silvio in the year 2011. Since 2019 the school is just in the hands of Andrea, who  built up a kite community at the Swan River and developed a Junior Kite Competition Team. Furthermore he started his new project “Kite without Limits” to make kitesurfing accessable to people with disabilities.

Andrea and his team of Seabreeze Kitesurfing School are committed to sharing the thrill of the sport and getting everyone involved!



Kitesurf Instructor

Instructor since 9 years

I’m originally from Brisbane but I’ve always been a bit of a gypsea and a huge ocean lover.

In 2011, I was living in a little surf town in the north of Peru. In the afternoons I found myself sitting on the beach watching the kiters flying around the waves, so I made my way to Venezuela where I did some volunteer work in exchange for kite lessons.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to kite much until I found myself in Sri Lanka in 2016. From the moment I landed there I was kiting everyday twice a day and that same year I became an instructor.

Since then I have been lucky enough to kite and work in some of the best bucket list locations in the world including Morocco, Egypt and Mauritius. Last year, I decided it was time to spend some time back on home soil and I was fortunate to meet Andrea and the Seabreeze team here in Perth.

It’s great to be part of a team that shares the same passion and energy for teaching as myself and we really are teaching from the best spot for progression that I know.



Kitesurfing Instructor Matteo Serra

Instructor since 6 years

Originally from Sardinia, I am 28 years old and I started kitesurfing 10 yeas ago. In the last 5/6 years I am really dedicated to it.

In 2015 I became an instructor and started teaching – my passion became my job.

Furthermore I am also competing around Italy and in the last comp in Sardinia I took the second place. As a part of the Cabrinha Italian team from 2 years and I am also coaching the young riders in Italy and we did also international competitions partnering with Italian famous riders.

It makes me super happy to have a collaboration with Andrea and Seabreeze kitesurf school team so I can escape the Italian cold winter and don’t stop my passion. Sardinia is one of the spot around the world and conditions are amazing during the summer but one of my dreams was to see Australia, so finally the dream come true!!!!!



Kitesurfing Instructor Kristin Hingst

Instructor since 3 years

I’m from Eckernfoerde, a cozy fisher town in the north of Germany close to Denmark and next to the Baltic sea and grew up with sailing and windsurfing. 5 years ago I started kitesurfing during my travels to Sardinia/Italy.

I fell in love with the place, the island, the people, the wind and the waves and decided to work at a Kite and Windsurf School in Sardinia. My main tasks were in the reception, management and marketing, but I  went on the water every windy moment.

In 2018 I got my instructor’s license and started to share my passion for this amazing watersport to many of my students. Every winter I travel around the world to see other kite spots and to discover different countries and cultures. After several travels to South America, Europe and Asia, I wanted to discover Australia and to work here as an instructor. Luckily I met Andrea and the amazing team of Seabreeze Kitesurf School and this new adventure started.

We are looking for Kitesurfing Instructors for the 2021/2022 Season