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What is Wing Foil?

Wing Foiling is the art of riding a hydrofoil board while harnessing the wind’s power via a handheld wing. Wing Foiling is the latest-born board sport : it consists in managing a wing not attached to the board and carried with two hands while standing on a hydrofoil mounted on a short stand up paddle board. … The hydrofoil allows to take-off over the water and to fly over the surface.

When you first see a wing, it looks slightly like a cross between a windsurfing sail and a hang-gliding sail. Once you get one in your hands and feel the power generated, it becomes self-explanatory.

The wing works very similarly to a kite sail, albeit held in your hands rather than on the end of lines. As the wind blows in the wing’s direction, the wing lifts, driving the board and rider forward.

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Using a Wing

It is advisable to spend a bit of time on dry land handling the wing and getting to grips with how it responds to the wind and how your changes in hand and body position will affect the wing. Once you feel natural handling the wing, you can try riding a skateboard using the wing. The rider uses similar principles to a windsurfer to change speed and direction. Knowledge of the “wind clock” and “wind window” is beneficial when starting and progressing.

Getting on the board

It is advisable to spend a bit of time cruising on a SUP in low wind conditions to start. The stable platform enables you to get a feel for transitioning to your feet, riding with the wing, and the dynamics of changing position.

Once you are comfortable in the water, you can ride your standard windsurfing board, foil board, or kiteboard. We even see riders on conventional surfboards ripping into high-performance, surf-style maneuvers.

There are manufacturers designing wing specific boards, with the focus mainly on wing foil boards.

Our spots: Swan River & Safety Bay

SEABREEZE is teaching Wing Foiling in two of the best locations for foil lessons in the Perth area: the Swan River at Melville and Safety Bay at Rockingham.

These two spots are world class locations and ideal places to learn wing foil – with shallow, flat water, no waves, no swell and no currents.

Thanks to constant wind and a steady wind direction you can get fast wing control skills by standing in the waist deep water. This makes it really safe and easier to learn, than in a deep water spot.

The Swan River and Safety Bay are considered two of the most famous teaching locations for Wing Foil lessons around Perth, Western Australia. Plus it is so close to the city that you can easily reach our spot in a short car drive.

Thanks to the everyday perfect cross onshore wind also the water start and riding lessons can be done without any problems. That’s the reason why the Swan River is one of the best and safest places to learn and to make a faster progress than in the open sea.

Fly over the water with us

Wing Foil Perth
Is wing foiling dangerous?

All water sports have inherent risks. Wing foiling is at the higher end of the risk scale due to the presence of the foil. Always wear a helmet when you are wing foiling, and I would also recommend wetsuits with impact vests for added protection.

How difficult is Wing Foiling?

Wing foiling is much easier to learn than windsurfing or kitesurfing, especially for people under 30. It may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to learn to wingfoil. This will depend on your background experience, the conditions you’re learning in, and the equipment you are using. The hardest part of wing foiling is learning to ride the foil board. You can practice this behind a boat, at a ski lake (if they allow foils), or in very small wave conditions. Once you master the foil, the wing is a relatively easy skill to learn.

Why is Wing Foiling so popluar?

This sport is mesmerizing and accessible to everyone. It has also quickly become an extreme experience because the foil has made it possible to push the unexplored limits in windsurfing or kitesurfing with an incredible freedom of movement. Wing foiling is developing very fast.