YOB SUP Foil Board 2021


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Experience the amazing sensation that SUP foiling provides on one of our new 2021 YOB Australia SUP foil boards. SUP foil boards are much shorter than traditional SUP’s, and much thicker too. The reason for the reduced length is to assist with control whilst flying (reducing swing weight). But reduced length usually comes with reduced volume – so to make the SUP’s still suitable to paddle whilst standing, the thickness is increased, and the rails are made quite boxey to improve stability and increase volume. The underside rails are also heavily bevelled to assist with liftoff and touchdown. Our SUP foil boards are constructed using our proven epoxy fibreglass/ bamboo veneer sandwich construction. The 2 fin boxes to which the foil base is attached, are heavily reinforced with PVC hi density foam, carbon fibre and extra layers of epoxy fibreglass. Extra reinforcing is also added to the deck and rails for added durability. The SUP foil boards come standard with 2 ergo carry handles – 1 on the deck and 1 on the bottom, leash plug, Goretex air vent, deck pad with tail kick, and footstrap inserts. PLEASE NOTE: Carbon/ PVC foam sandwich construction Foil boards are also available – please go to ‘YOB SP Carbon SUP Foil Board’ for more details.
We have 5 stock sizes to choose from:

5’6″ x 26″   @ 90 litres

5’9″ x 26.5″  @ 99 litres

6’0″ x 27.5″ @ 110 litres

6’5″ x 28.5″ @ 136 litres

6’10” x 29.5″ @ 154 litres
Please note: Price is for Foil Board only

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5'6 x 26 – 90L, 5'9 x 26,5 – 99L, 6'0 x 27,5 – 110L, 6'5 x 28,5 – 132L, 6'10 x 29,5 – 150L