The WS is the choice of avid wave seekers who perform the most challenging manoeuvres and need a kite that syncs to their rhythm.


  • Three-strut Open-C Hybrid performance kite for wave, foil and freeriding.
  • Stable downwind drift and light bar pressure for carefree surfing.
  • Rapid turning characteristics pivoting smoothly and tightly.
  • Medium aspect ratio ensures enormous wind range and low-end performance.
  • Light bar pressure for single hand control and optimum surf experience.
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The WS is your ticket to the green room where riding waves has never been more accessible and fun. Its outstanding performance allows you to catch any wave with ease and automatically switches to auto-pilot just as soon as you drop in. Version 5 of our dedicated surf kite turns tighter without the need for force as the shorter bridle trim gives a reduced bar pressure feel. The Open-C hybrid three strut design provides power right when you need it and the new canopy load seam supports the profile to ensure stability. A reduction in weight this year also helps to ensure that when riding the face of a wave you’ll drift unobtrusively down the line.