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– 8 hours over 4 day –

  • Goal: become a safe and independent kitesurfer
  • Covers: Our MASTER PACKAGE will take you through all the essential skills and knowledge for you to start riding and practicing kitesurf safely on your own. We cover all following aspects: gear setup, theory, spot introduction, Kitegear knowledge, safety systems, self rescue, kite handling, body dragging in all directions, waterstarts, first riding with your board downwind and techniques to ride upwind.
  • We recommend this package to anyone who is willing to become an independent and safe rider.
  • Ideal for:everyone who wants to become a safe and independent kitesurfer
  • Students: Private – 1 or 2 students with 1 instructor (you choose)
  • Includes: complete Kitesurf equipment + wetsuit/harness/lifejacket/helmet
  • When: every windy day from October – April
  • Where: along Melville Beach Road/Applecross or Point Walter/Bicton (depending on wind direction)
  • Bring: towel, water, swimsuit, sunscreen

Please note that we do not have an automated booking system. We carefully schedule our lessons around the weather forecast. To book a lesson, please pay for your chosen package online, then email us with your preferred day and we will arrange a timeslot for you.

Seabreeze Kitesurf School has a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations that occur 48 hours or more before the scheduled time are able to be re-booked at no additional cost to the student. However cancellations by the student that occur within the 48 hour period prior to the scheduled lesson will result in a cancellation fee being applied, being equal to 50% of the lesson fee. We appreciate your understanding.

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