2 Hours Wing Foil Lesson


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– 2 hours over 1 day –

  • Goal: get basic knowledge of wind wing handling, first trials on a SUP board and steering
  • Covers: Our 2 HOURS LESSON covers all Wing basics, dry land handling the wing and getting grips with how it responds to the wind and how your changes in hand and body position will affect the wing. We are cruising on a SUP in low wind conditions to start. The stable platform enables you to get a feel for transitioning to your feet, riding with the wing, and the dynamics of changing position.
  • Ideal for: everyone who wants to get deeper basics of Wing Foiling and the feeling of controlling the wing on a big stable board
  • Students: Private – 1 student with 1 instructor
  • Includes: complete Wing equipment + wetsuit/lifejacket/helmet
  • When: every windy day from September – March/April
  • Bring: towel, water, swimsuit, sunscreen

Seabreeze Kitesurf School has a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations that occur 48 hours or more before the scheduled time are able to be re-booked at no additional cost to the student. However cancellations by the student that occur within the 48 hour period prior to the scheduled lesson will result in a cancellation fee being applied, being equal to 50% of the lesson fee. We appreciate your understanding.