KONRAD Wind Wing 4m USED


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This wing has had no expense spared in when choosing the materials for construction. High-end D2 ripstop canopy and “KPW Dacron” give the perfect strength to weight ratio. The .6mm bladders give a more puncture resistant product that will withstand all the punishment you can dish out. Wear points have scuff guards so it can be used as an all-terrain wing.

The Wingman has a tuned outline and profile which delivers low-end power and excellent stability. The canopy shape collapses when depowered due to the infill panel which allows maximum wind range per size and greater efficiency due to less airfoil deformation under rider load. The combination of materials and design offer a stiff wing that will not buckle under load, this translates to easier lift onto the foil during pumping.

We have chosen a small window shape that cleverly follows the panel layout for minimal stretch and panel disruption. The windows are also placed to sit flat when packed up.

UNI bag.
We have developed a generously sized smart bag that opens all the way out to be flat. This allows sand to be removed easily, it can be used as a change mat and even a seat cover if you want to drive home in your wetsuit!

Minimalistic windows.
Critical reinforced areas for all-terrain use.
“Y” front handle.
One handed operation wrist leash.
Direct port inflate valve/deflate on LE and strut.
Designed in conjunction with Dano See, we have included everything you will need or want in a wing.