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Junior Kite Team

Junior Kite Team - Seabreeze Kitesurf School

After a lot of work over a number of years, SEABREEZE KITESURF SCHOOL has created WA’s first dedicated junior kitesurfing programme.

SKS will offer a weekly training program dedicated to young riders. Our goal is to make you learn quickly and well. We use high quality equipment, professional and qualified instructors, and above all a great passion and professionalism. SKS also provides the opportunity for junior riders to meet new friends and share this amazing sport, while also being part of a program to become a pro rider.

Competition Team

The SKS Competition Team has been established to assist athletes to develop skills that will help them to progress to pro rider level. In addition, SKS provides coaching support to athletes who wish to compete in various State and National competitions. Up wind riding ability is a pre-requisite! Also, riders must have their own equipment.

Recreational Team

A group training approach with other kids – for those who dont want to commit to full-time training or competition but who want to enjoy the company of other kids in a structured training environment.